V-Berth Options

V-Berths, while a sleeping environment of their own, HMC offers many different solutions from years of experience in this area of sleep.

Handcraft Mattress has developed a range of custom solutions for this unique sleeping environment drawn from many years of experience. We offer a perfect fit for any V-berth configuration ranging from a
one-piece to a three-piece design. Our patented custom hinge-fold option eliminates the need for multi-piece mattresses, while offering easy access to in-berth storage areas. And, thanks to their thick, quilted covers that eliminate seams and crevices, our V-berth mattresses also provide unparalleled sleeping comfort. All our V-berth mattresses conveniently fold for easy transportation and installation.


1pc mattress is the least expensive to make, works well when there is no storage access needed, also works well when the insert can be eliminated.


V-berth-2pc-smTwo-piece (A):
2 pc mattress (a) with seam down centerline, makes getting into storage easy. More logical for extremely large v berth’s. Possible zipper option to hold mattress together.


V-berth-2pca-smTwo-piece (B):
2 pc mattress with no insert area, used more as two separate beds, if there is no storage below it may be better to do 1 large piece with no fillers.


V-berth-3pc-smThree-piece with insert:
3pc is the original style v-berth which had more focus on storage then a good night sleep. Often times the insert cannot be eliminated because it is used for dressing areas. the split on the two larger mattress allow for easy access to storage areas. Possible use of zipper option on the 2 larger pieces or a hinge fold option. Also possible is the V-berth with 1big piece with a zipper or hinge fold that will help hide the seams.


one big with hinge
side to side & insert
2pc mattress 1 big with a hinge side to side and a insert. When your area requires an insert it can be removed for daily activity. The hinge will allow storage access.


V-berth-1pc-hinge-S-S-smOne-piece with hinge:
side to side
1 piece mattress with hinge side to side; One of our most popular design’s allows no seams . Allows Access to Storage compartments easily , finger space around edges and easy installation and removal if necessary.


V-berth-1pc-HingeOne-piece with Hinge:
Head to Toe
1piece mattress with Hinge head to toe, one of the more popular styles allowing no seams with access to storage and Finger space around the edges. Also strap and buckle option for easy installation of sheets.