Port of Toronto

HandCraft Mattress Company caters to clients who desire custom boat mattresses for a sailboat, vberth, yacht, or other type of boat.  Customers in the Port of Toronto will enjoy the highest quality custom boat beds designed to make your time on the water peaceful and relaxing.  Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional night’s sleep, even when on the water.  We know many people spend as much or more time on the water than on dry land – and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice restful sleep for your enjoyment of being where you are most at home, on your boat.

Serving clients in the Toronto Harbour and Outer Harbour Marina, our boat bedding and custom mattress selection is unsurpassed in terms of the materials, quality, and comfort.  Being on the water is an essential, ordinary part of life for many who fish, or simply like to sail and enjoy the peaceful beauty and tranquility that surrounds them.  When you spend a day (or even a few days) on the water, you want to experience the same deep, restful sleep you would enjoy at home.  Our custom yacht beds and boat mattresses make it possible for you to wake refreshed and ready to start the day.

Having supplied such well-known companies as Catalina, Regal, Sea Ray, and Viking, Ports Toronto customers will appreciate the attention to detail, durability, and most importantly quality of sleep you enjoy on our boat beds and mattresses, whether you have a super yacht, sailboat, or any other type of boat.  Never settle for less than the best – and never again lose out on a great night’s sleep when out enjoying the water.  Contact HandCraft Mattress Company today for all of your custom boat mattress needs.