Handcraft Mattress Company – Palm Beach

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As a leading supplier of custom boat mattresses, yacht beds and mattresses, and custom bedding for boats to such trusted companies as Sea Ray, Catalina, Viking, Regal, and Hatteras, Handcraft Mattress Company specializes in boat, yacht, and sailboat beds and related products for clients in Palm Beach. Comfort and quality are our top priority. Whether you live on the water or spend a substantial amount of time on your sailboat, luxury or motor yacht, or other boat you can rely on us for unsurpassed boat bedding and customized boat mattresses.

From innerspring mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses to mattress pad, bedding (including sheets, covers, blankets, and toppers), we provide all of your boat bed needs. We also provide many options for boat mattresses including snaps for sheets, custom hinge fold, hook and loop fasteners, and more. What sets our company apart from the rest? We believe that yacht beds, vberth beds and mattresses, and custom yacht bedding should provide a good night’s sleep so that you feel rested and refreshed in the morning.

Our custom boat and yacht mattresses are the only in the industry offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Because we are boaters ourselves, we understand the unique needs of those who own super, luxury, and motorized yachts, sailboats, and other boats designed for a truly enhanced experience on the water. For all of your vberth beds, crew bunks, and other boat or yacht bed needs, look to Handcraft Mattress Company for the best.