HMC Offers Customized Comfort

custom-comfortFor more than 25 years, HandCraft Mattress Company has been providing clients with the most comfortable boat beds in the industry. We understand that whether you have a yacht, sailboat, or other type of boat you frequently spend time on, comfort is essential for a good night’s sleep – and a great morning. We provide custom solutions and craft each mattress we make to the unique needs of our clients.

Because of our many years and experience in the industry, we know that an innerspring or gel memory foam mattress that is extremely comfortable to one person may not be what another person is looking for in a boat bed. Some prefer firm support, while others enjoy a mattress that is a bit softer with more give. Health issues such as arthritis or back pain may also make it difficult to get comfy when you turn in for the night. Regardless of your needs, we design our products for exceptional comfort so that you rest as good on your boat as you would at home – perhaps even better!

Those who enjoy the luxury of a yacht or sailboat and who love nothing better than spending time on your boat deserve a wonderful, restful night’s sleep. When you rest good and get all of the sleep you need without discomfort or tossing and turning, it energizes and rejuvenates you, preparing you for the next day’s activities. For customized solutions that are unique to your individual needs and the ultimate in comfortable boat beds, rely on HandCraft Mattress Company. Amazing sleep even when you are on the water is our business!