Custom Sailboat Beds

Sailboat Beds

By Handcraft Mattress Company

sailboat-bedsAt HandCraft Mattress Company one of our specialties is custom sailboat beds and accessories.  We believe that those who enjoy sailing should also enjoy a comfort that is equal to sleeping at home.  We realize that in some cases space is limited or configurations make it difficult to find a bedding solution.  Our hand crafted sailboat bed mattresses provide the quality and luxurious comfort that goes beyond your expectations, allowing you to enjoy a deep sleep that will leave you rested and refreshed, ready to face another great day on the water.

Our sailboat beds are available as innerspring, latex, and gel memory foam mattresses so you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort.  We also offer all of the accessories and bedding you may need to make your experience even more relaxing including mattress pads, sheets, blankets, covers, toppers, snaps for sheets, straps & buckles, extensions for a custom mattress fit, and more.  Custom bedding for the watercraft industry is our business; we are dedicated to your comfort providing sailboat beds for every need.

More About V-Berths

V-berths are always associated with sailboat beds. However, some sailboats do have a large enough area in the upper front to have a bed made, and there is still room to walk around the bed (vs the V-berth there is no room to walk around the bed). V-berth beds have multiple pieces with inserts to fit into the unique forward spots of sailboats that would make those beds different from yacht or regular boat beds. V-berths are more custom due to the specific shape it has to be made to fit into the designated space so they are different from a queen size mattress bed that might go on a yacht or larger boat.

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