Handcraft Mattress Company – Annapolis

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Designed for the marine environment, Handcraft Mattress Company strongly believes that Annapolis sailboat and yacht owners should enjoy a good night’s sleep that equals or exceeds that they would experience at home. As passionate boat owners ourselves, we believe in offering boat and yacht beds, custom boat mattresses, yacht crew mattresses, boat mattress pads, and other related products that exceed your expectations.

Whether you are looking for a custom motor yacht mattress, custom boat beds, a luxury yacht mattress, or a custom size mattress, we have all you need to enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep on your boat. As the only manufacturer to offer mattresses with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, we supply such trusted companies as Hatteras, Regal, Sea Ray, Catalina, and Viking with custom boat beds and bedding. Whether you need a custom boat mattress, gel foam memory or innerspring mattress, or other options including extensions, snaps for sheets, zippers, straps & buckles, or hook and loop fasteners, we have what you need.

Every water excursion should be not only enjoyable and fun, but comfortable as well. Why should you sacrifice comfort just because you love being on the water? At Handcraft Mattress Company, we offer top quality motor and luxury yacht custom mattresses, boat beds, vberth mattresses, custom boat bedding and more, all that you need to wake rested and refreshed come morning!